Low Leg Boots and Bikers for a casual look

The Low Leg Boots in PVC by Chiara Bellini from the Classic and Rain Boots Collection and the Autumn-Winter collection 2015-2016 are designed to be matched with various casual outfits but also for a more classic taste. The line of low leg boots in PVC includes various models, from Biker boots to Classic Boots with low suede leg, low leg boots in bright quilted fabric and low leg boots with leather effect.
Biker Boots, a must-have in a women's wardrobe, are perfect to complete casual and rock mood outfits and are also suitable for very young girls. Biker Boots by Chiara Bellini are PVC waterproof footwear, comfortable and practical for everyday living, and can be worn throughout the year because they blend in perfectly with all four seasons.
Biker Boots by Chiara Bellini are very versatile, with so many ways to wear them. Among the coolest pairings is the look that sees the Biker Boots in PVC worn with leggings: leggings patterns and materials are countless and our advice is to let your imagination run wild when choosing. Biker Boots by Chiara Bellini are authentic rock mood footwear, but at the same time neutral as regards colours - and this allows you to play with selecting other items to make up your outfit. For a rock evening Biker Boots can be worn with simple leggings in shades of grey, warm and elegant, or with leggings in leatherette for a bolder style. For casual styles Biker Boots are perfect paired with leggings in neutral colour fabrics, worn with soft, long jerseys.
Another way to wear Biker Boots is to pair them with a short dress, a miniskirt or a flared skirt. This look allows you to wear Biker Boots in PVC even in summer, or in winter with a pair of very thick tights. For an even more trendy touch to this look, you can match your outfit with a black leather jacket and a black wide-brimmed hat.
The line of low leg PVC boots by Chiara Bellini besides the Biker model also includes several boots with a more classic taste. Low leg boots in PVC by Chiara Bellini can also enhance a casual look with refined taste. Paired with a long skirt, in satin or cotton, they create a very fashionable outfit to complete with trendy accessories like hats of various kinds. The low leg boots in PVC are also perfect paired with a dress or long skirt, according to the latest fashion trends.
Convenient against the rain and cold, low boots by Chiara Bellini, from those with a bright quilted fabric leg to others in smooth leather, are a must-have for autumn/winter.
The low leg boots are also perfect paired with leggings or turned up jeans, to create a casual look suitable for everyday life.
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