Pvc quality

“PVChic Fashion Sensation” is the mood of the "Chiara Bellini" collections.

Originality, colour, imagination... you can dare with PVC: from the fun colour combinations of the spring-summerc collection to the warmer autumn-winter tones, all combined with a varied range of materials that blend perfectly with this extremely resourceful material.

The originality of the collection lies the fact that PVC is a material which lends itself to different combinations, time and again creating new styles.
Fine leathers, chains, nameplates, pendants in metal, stone and plastic bows, coloured crystals ... all these accessories paired with boots, sandals, ballet flats and handbags in PVC give lift to exclusive collections inspired by various styles of contemporary women. Classical for the refined woman, gritty with shades of rock for the more demanding woman and fun combinations of patterns and colours perfectly targeting teenagers.

Among the advantages of using pvc as a predominant part of the "Chiara Bellini" collections we would like to recall that it is an extremely waterproof material, dose not conduct electricity and is also very durable. Also "Chiara Bellini" uses only phtalate-free pvc and respects all the characteristics of European legislation (R.E.A.C.H.).
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