Special Promotion Mother's Day!


Chiara Bellini intends to launch a special promotion aimed to meet the needs of chic and fashionable mothers. From 21st until 6th May 2015, you can purchase four wonderful models of PVC satchel handbag with a special 30% discount.

The Pvc bags now in promotion are:

  •  Satchel handbag in Pvc with antique effect: practical bag made of two-colour Pvc, leather /black colour and taupe/black colour, with a particular antique effect. The antique effect of this     fashion accessory is obtained by a special brushing technique made during the manufacturing process. This handbag model is suitable for all mothers who love the "retrò" style combined with a touch of modernity rendered by the Pvc used.

  •  Satchel handbag in Pvc with plated effect:  the chic e original satchel handbag is entirely made of bright Pvc in gold/black and white/silver colour combinations. This satchel handbag stands out thanks to a touch of eccentricity consisting of its gold laminated effect finish that embellishes this fashion accessory and is suitable for young-look, no-nonsense mothers who love colour contrasts.

  •  Satchel handbag in two-colour Pvc with bright effect:  the satchel handbag in two-colour Pvc with bright effect is available in colour black with white colour bottom and handles and in colour black with cherry colour bottom and handles. The satchel handbag is entirely made of Pvc with bright effect. This satchel handbag model is suitable for mothers who want to look stylish but love colours at the same time.

  •  Satchel handbag in plain colour Pvc with bright effect: satchel handbag made in the plain PVC colours Black and Night Blue. This satchel handbag in bright, patent leather effect Pvc is suitable for minimal style mothers who do not want to give up on basic and elegant colours.

The Pvc satchel handbags branded Chiara Bellini are comfortable, functional and practical to wear, thanks to their size (23 cm lenght, 18 cm height, 14 cm width), their lightness as well as to the practical Pvc handles.

The pvc bags, as all the products branded “Chiara Bellini”, are entirely Made in Italy and any material used complies with the  R.E.A.C.H. regulations.

This year in occasion of "mother's day" purchase an original Pvc gift by Chiara Bellini, visit our online promotions!

(*) In order to receive your gift within Mother's day date, please check the delivery times in the dedicated area Shipments and Deliveries or contact our Customer Service


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