Pvc Boots by Chiara Bellini at the Fashion Show of the IUAV Institute (Venice)


The Rain Boots in PVC designed by Chiara Bellini are those chosen by Xhefri Londo and Anita Pierobon, two female students attending the course in Fashion Design at the IUAV Higher Institute of Architecture in Venice, to complete the look for one of their creations exhibited at the fashion show held on 3 July in Venice, during the parade to mark the end of the academic year.

Xhefri Londo and Anita Pierobon contacted Chiara Bellini to acquire black Rain Boots in PVC with metal heel and plate. The two students in fact selected these boots to complete the outfit for the model who walked down the catwalk with one of their dresses created for the year-end fashion show of the IUAV Institute. Chiara Bellini enthusiastically accepted this collaboration by providing the students with the Rain Boots in PVC.

These black boots in PVC designed by Chiara Bellini perfectly match the dress of the model designed by the students: the bright PVC, which gives light to the Rain Boot, creates light effects similar to those of the blue skirt of the outfit, also made in bright fabric. In addition, the simple lines of the boot emphasize the geometric volumes of the skirt.

The Rain Boot in black, bright effect PVC includes a high heel for a dashing figure and a metal plate applied on the upper part of the boot leg, not visible in photographs of the parade because it is covered by the long skirt.

The photos of the fashion parade with the look designed and made by the students, complete with the Rain Boots in PVC designed by Chiara Bellini, also appeared in Vogue, in the service devoted to the year-end parade of the IUAV Institute.
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